Recovery from drugs and alcohol is a process. Find a new meaning for life. A purpose.

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Common Bond Rehab Center of Santa Clarita, CA

Common Bond Rehab Center is a drug and alcohol treatment facility located in Santa Clarita, California and just minutes from the San Fernando, Antelope and Simi Valleys. Common Bond Rehab Center uses evidence-based treatment methods, with fully licensed and registered clinicians. While participating in our drug and alcohol addiction treatment program, we offer the option of living in our nearby sober-living home, or your own drug-free home. We understand the effects that drugs, alcohol and co-occurring disorders have on family, jobs and health.



What steps to take:

Deciding on a path to addiction recovery could be the most important decision of your life. Once you or a loved one has admitted there is a problem and help is needed, deciding what to do next can be confusing. Getting sober is a process. No matter how long you have been abusing drugs or alcohol, or how bad your addiction is, there are six steps we walk our patients through.

Six Steps

Step One: Commit to quitting

Step Two: Choose a treatment plan

Step Three: Make the call to outpatient drug addiction treatment

Step Four: Live in drug and alcohol-free housing (sober living housing)

Step Five: Get involved with support groups during treatments

Step Six: Plan to live an addiction-free life

Drug rehab treatment centers are designed to keep you away from the temptations you may have. Nobody needs to get sober alone, it usually doesn't work. Accountability is the best way to start.


I love Sheri and all of the staff at Common Bond!  Not only did they help with all my required court documentation, they really helped me through a difficult time with expertise and care.  I was struggling with alcoholism when I walked in the doors and Common Bond gave me the tools to move forward with my life and treatment..  Thanks to them I have 13 months sober today.  Thanks guys, I could never repay you enough!!!
I want to thank Common Bond and all it’s wonderful staff for helping me get my life back on track. It’s been a little over 6 months now, sober and feeling wonderful about myself, my life and family. I found the staff to be professional and dedicated at Common Bond. The sessions were enlightening and gave me the tools I needed to cope with this disease. Without this place and its staff. I might or most likely would be struggling with this problem with some time to come. Thank You All a…
I came to Common Bond in February of 2017 after a 30+ year history of alcohol use, abuse, and alcoholism. The owner and staff members welcomed me with complete understanding of what I was going through. All of my questions were thoroughly answered and their candor and openness made my journey of sobriety stress-free so that I was able to focus on recovery. The schedule of Common Bond’s group sessions allowed me to continue to work and generate income and to remain active with my family, as wel…
Jennifer G
“This program has allowed me to get clean and sober and has given me a new self-confidence.  The counselors are so loving, helpful and supportive.  They help you build a foundation so you can create a new sober and happy life!”
“Best place I’ve been to finally work through my underlying issues and regain my life!  Counselors are so loving and make it painless!”
Charlotte E.

Common Bond Rehab Center takes most Insurances.

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